Your part from A to Z
Creating a great product by design
Here at Slater Machine & Tool we like to think of ourselves as the one stop shop for producing precision CNC machine parts. Our level of detail is shown in our renowned knife handle work. We work with all sorts of precious material that lets our quality work shine.

Research & Development

People have great ideas all of the time. We can help them bring their great ideas to life with the start of engineering. Engineering takes certain steps to produce a great product, analysis, design, development and testing. We offer all of these steps as a well rounded CNC shop.

CAD Design

Not all clients have the resources to develop a proper CAD (Computer Aided Draft) design. It is often necessary to have these documents in order to produce your part. We have skilled CAD employees that will produce CAD documents for your product that follow industry guidelines and specifications.


Part of the development process includes creating a prototype for testing. We offer prototypes for inspection and testing before we do a full production run.