Whether you require straight manufacturing or preliminary work such as prototyping and design, Slater Machine & Tool will help make your job easier and give you peace of mind. High-quality machine shop services begin with the best possible working relationship with our customers. To achieve this, we are committed to provide our customers with the best-quality parts, on-time deliveries, and fair prices. We build long-term relationships with our customers. From the early stages of development to the final product, we offer assistance whenever possible. Slater Machine & Tool works with each customer whether the job involves a single prototype part, a production run, or custom-built pieces. We provide only the finest machine shop services, which means communication with our clients is of the utmost importance to us.
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Design Services
Slater Machine & Tool offers a wide range of design services. We pride ourselves in helping you get your product out the door as quickly as possible.
CAD Design
Production Services
With our Robodrill PC2, our turnover time is very quick and precise. With a pallet change time of 6.3 seconds, the dual pallet system dramatically reduces downtime and increases yields.
CAM Conversion
Quality Assurance
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Slater Machine & Tool
From CAD design to product manufacturing - Slater Machine & Tool delivers. It's our promise to you.

If your business is ready to step up and make the move to manufacturing excellence then it's time to contact Slater Machine & Tool.
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